Size Guide

Here we offer basic size guidelines for our ballerinas and sandals and how to determine your size.

What Shoe Size Should I Choose?

What Size Should I Choose?

Our Ballerinas and Sandals are produced in full sizes only.  We do not produce half sizes at this time.  Our shoes are produced using the European size system.

It's important to remember that many of our products are hand made and of limited production. For this reason, sizes may differ slightly from the standard. You may find useful information on the sizes for each product on the product page next to the description tab. If you are interested in a new model that has not yet been evaluated, below we provide general tips and instructions on the correct measurements.

How to Measure Your Shoe Size

How to Measure Your Shoe Size.

To measure your shoe size, please refer to the distance between the heel and longest toe.  You can establish it with safety, by tracing on a sheet of paper a mark at the heel and one in correspondence of the longest toe. While standing trace the two signs. Accurately measure the length between the two marks and use the reference table to identify what is your size. Follow the same procedure for the other foot, because it often happens that feet are not exactly the same length. In this case, choose the larger of the two.

Table of Women's Shoe Sizes

Table of Women's Shoe Sizes

The reference table is purely indicative as sizes can vary for handmade items as we have explained above.  We also furnish equivalent UK and US sizes for reference.  Do not hesitate to rely on your experience and the recommendations on our product pages.


Table of Women's Shoe Sizes
Measurement of Foot [cm] EU UK US
22,9 36 3,5 5
23,4 36,5 4 5 1/2
23,8 37 4,5 6
24,3 38 5 6 1/2
24,6 38,5 5,5 7
25,1 39 6 7 1/2
25,4 40 6,5 8
25,8 40,5 7 8 1/2
26,3 41 7,5 9
26,7 42 8 9 1/2

What if I select the wrong size?

What if I select the wrong size?

No worries!  If you select the wrong size, you may return the shoes to Salamastra within 10 days of receipt for exchange.  Please follow the return instructions found in our Customer Care section.

What If My Size Is Not Available?

What If My Size Is Not Available?

If the size you are looking for is not present you can receive an e-mail notification when your size is available again. Just go to the details page of the requested item and select the "Notify Me" button which will be evident instead of the "Add to Cart" button, and indicate your name and e-mail.