Shipping & Delivery




The following is a brief summary of our Shipping & Delivery Services.  Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery Policy for complete details.

Couriers & Places Where We Ship

Couriers & Places We Ship

Thanks to a special agreement with SDA Express Courier, shipping services are provided for all of Italy and the European Union Countries.   SDA offers in collaboration with Poste Italiane the Express Box service for national shipments and the Export Box service for international shipments.

For National deliveries [SDA Express Box Service], we offer the convenience that you may request to have your shipment sent to:

  1. Your residence or place of business;
  2. Your nearest post office offering the service "FermoPosta" where the package will be held for you to pickup; or
  3. Directly to your personal Postal Box at the Poste Office, if you happen to have one.

For International deliveries [SDA Export Box Service] the package will be delivered directly to your residence.

At this time, due to the nature of our product, we currently do not offer shipping to countries outside of the European Union.  Please see our Shipping Policy for a complete list of countries where we do ship.

Pricing & Timing of Shipment

Pricing & Timing of Shipment

Shipping Prices will be clearly indicated on the checkout page prior to completing your purchase.

Salamastra Details S.r.l. ships your order in a time ranging from 1 to 3 working days from the time of order confirmation and from the receipt of payment.

Tracking & Timing of Delivery

Tracking & Timing of Delivery

When the package ships, you will be provided with an Email confirming the departure of the shipment along with the tracking number.

You can track your shipment by:

  • Calling SDA Customer Service during regular business hours and providing them with the tracking number.
  • Visiting the SDA website and entering the tracking number.
  • Downloading the SDA Mobile app and entering the tracking number.

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday.

Deliveries within Italy are estimated to arrive within 24-48 hours from date of shipment.

International deliveries are estimated to arrive within 3-5 business days from date of shipment.  Depending on the location of delivery and any potential customs delays the estimate may be somewhat longer.



Notice: Subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree 206/05, once Salamastra Details S.r.l. delivers your order to the courier, we can no longer be held responsible for errors in delivery, product damage or delays in delivery due to the courier.  For any of these occurrences, the customer is directed to file claim directly with the courier at or by calling SDA Customer Service at 199.116.699.

Notice: Please read carefully our Shipping Policy regarding your customer responsibilities regarding shipping and delivery:

  • Please be sure to provide a complete and correct shipping address as Salamastra Details S.r.l. can not be held liable in the event the product can not be delivered due to an incomplete or inaccurate shipping address.  Also we advise that you provide us with up to date contact email and phone number in the event you need to be contacted regarding your shipment.
  • You are required to inspect and approve the condition of the product when it is delivered.  By signing the delivery document, you are giving your approval of the product accuracy and condition, and waiving your right to make claims in the future.  If you have any issues regarding the product accuracy or condition as a result of the courier, you are required to reject the shipment and/or document your concerns in writing.  Please see our Shipping Policy for complete details.