About Salamastra

Salamastra was founded in 2000 in Gallipoli, Italy by Francesco Oliveti, Marcello Barba and Scott Short and is the collaboration of three unique individuals who bring different talents together to create this signature style. 

Our name Salamastra is a play between the italian word and the local dialect for "salmastro" which is the sea salt residue that collects on just about everything in this seaside town. Located in Salento, in the southern part of Puglia, Gallipoli has an architectural past which is rich in the baroque style and the people of this maritime city are tied to the sea. These themes, of baroque style and the sea serve as the foundation of Salamastra. Salamastra is a blend of classical Italian style, natural elements, modern accents, world travels, and a little whimsical fantasy.

Our Showroom in Gallipoli is a "concept store" featuring locally designed products inspired by the seaside locale of Gallipoli, Italy.  We produce clothing, jewelry, home decor, unique luminaries & lamps, mosaics, majolica and custom linens.  We offer a collection of ballerina shoes, summer sandals, handbags, luggage and accessories made from real python, lizard, ostrich & more.  We concentrate on the use of fine silks, linen, suede & cashmere for our clothing designs.   For many of our products, our focus is on the reuse and repurposing of vintage and forgotten materials.   Click here to see some of the publications past and present that have featured Salamastra.

We have designed some of the finest vacations residences in the heart of the old city, and our interiors are sought after by those in search of the best Gallipoli has to offer.  A number of these residences are available for sale or summer rental.  Here you can find out more about properties "Designed by Salamastra" .

Our shop and laboratory are located in the center of Gallipoli's historic old city and we are open during the summer vacation season.  Please refer to our store directions and hours of operation.  Some of our best sellers are available for purchase year round via our e•Store.